Is the Outlook 2003 is not compatible with Outlook 2002?

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I am currently using Outlook 2003. An invitation from a person using Outlook 2000 was sent to me through email. I received the email, but the invitation did not automatically appear on my Outlook Calendar.  Are they not compatible? Please tell me how to fix it.

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Is the Outlook 2003 is not compatible with Outlook 2002?



This is not the compatibility issue between outlook 2000 and outlook 2003. Actually the reason can either be the issue with the MAPI idle process or with the sniffer.

Let’s go in the details.

Whenever an invitation or meeting request is received in the outlook inbox, they are written in the calendar as tentative MR, even if they are accepted or not. (Will explain the error in detail)

Now let’s check the outlook sniffer. Outlook Sniffer is a built-in code in outlook that keeps track of few items when they arrive into your outlook Inbox, and it performs certain action on those items

These actions are:

·         Meeting invites (adding tentative meetings to your calendar)

·         Meeting updates (updating details in your calendar)

·         Task updates

·         Message recall (when someone recalls a message you've received)

This sniffer runs as MAPI idle process, and will not work when the messages are being downloaded from the server, or the email messages are being composed etc.

This means if there are third party applications or add-on working in outlook, the sniffer may not work / trigger, meaning you will not receive the necessary output as desired.



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