Oracle 9i is Running Slow

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My Oracle 9i with Statspack is getting really slow.

Is there a problem with my database?

How can I check?

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Oracle 9i is Running Slow


One of the things you can do is check whether you are running the current version of Statspack.

If not, you should check online for a released update and upgrade your version.

Secondly, you can take snapshots using Statspack over at specific intervals over a given period and then troubleshoot and find the problems in the database.

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Oracle 9i is Running Slow


Hi John Herring,

I think your system have low memory. Because Oracle 9i with Statspack is slow or fast, depend on system configuration. May be, there is any problem with your database, please deep check your connection between database and software (Use correct path or default path)

Secondary always clear temp files of your system. It makes your system and Internet faster.

I wish this solution will be helpful.



Fenster Maxine

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Oracle 9i is Running Slow


The slowness in the database might be caused by poor network performance. I don’t think it is related to your database. To check if you have a slow network, try pinging your server and see if you are loosing packets. If you are using Microsoft Windows, you can ping your server using this syntax: ping [IP address].

To ping your server, click Start then Run. Enter without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. Type without quotes “ping” then hit Enter. Replace “” with the IP address of your server or you can also use its URL. You will see how many packets are lost after doing the ping. See the image below for reference.

You will see in the result something like “Lost = 0 (0% loss)”. This is a sign that you don’t have a network problem. But if you receive a different result then you have a slow network. Although the listener has nothing to do with the database, it is possible that the listener is taking too much time to respond so you better check the listener.

You should also check if the “listener.log” file is not too big because when the log file reaches around 1.5 to 2 GB the performance starts to get slow. If this happens, you can either null out the log or create a script that will roll out the listener log and then empty it. You may also check which process is consuming too much memory in your system.

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