Operations cancels due to restrictions effects

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I have a genuine copy of Windows 64-bit, and I have a problem with restrictions. My account is also the only account on my laptop, not including the secret Windows accounts.

It is the administrator and has a password protection.

I right-clicked on my battery icon in my taskbar and clicked on "Power Options". Then this pop-up appeared saying,

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.

Please contact your system administrator".

Help please.

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Operations cancels due to restrictions effects


If you have set your user name as an administrator and you are getting blocked from using certain functions, you can try some virus and Malware scans to see if there is something blocking the use of those programs.

The reason I say this is, that I have run in a PC once that had a virus that blocked access to everything that could possibly remove it, like regedit, task manager and some other stuff. 

Full computer scan with an up-to-date Antivirus is the only solution.

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Operations cancels due to restrictions effects


Dear Adelaide,

The very first thing you should do is restarting the system and logging into safe mode. There is a virus which hides real administrator and what shows you as administrator is a normal user. It does this as you are logged in, because it’s hidden in start up. In safe mode whatever is in start doesn't initiates.

So you can work safely.

Check the local user and group policies and make sure your rights are still administrative rights. Also check permissions, assign all permissions to administrator. Update the Windows online and have latest service pack.

And do use some good antivirus to scan your system.

To avoiding hitting the system with such parasites.

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