Online backup through Gigabank Software

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How do i backup all the files online through Gigabank Software? How much memory does Gigabank software backup?


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Online backup through Gigabank Software


The initial size for the trial account is 1 GB. All of the files stored in your Gigabank account will be kept for 5 years. This is the minimum duration for trial accounts.

If you need additional space because the 1 GB allotted space is not enough for your backup needs, you can buy additional space for your Gigabank account. Once you buy additional space for your account, the retention period for all of your files will be reset to another 5 years.

But unfortunately, Gigabank will be shutting down by December 31, 2016. All of the files beyond that date will be destroyed and can not be recovered anymore. You will see this information when you visit their official site,, and going to the Help section.

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