Office 365 – Looking for Solution

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I tried to setup the office 64 bit in Spanish language on a 64 bit Computer.

In the install process I loosed the internet line and the set up said it is not responding.

So, I had to shut the install as well as try to fix it in control panel.

Then I went uninstall and I clicked on fix the Microsoft office fix. Then a window opened, I hit fix with net and in these times it shows me an error message.

Then I attempted to uninstall it, however then it gave me again the same error and auto closed. After that I followed a lesson of how forces uninstall software.

They stated I have to do this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall and get the software as well as delete the uninstall string.

Then I don’t recognize how to remove the office files to attempt install it once more. And after every 2 minutes it presents me this error message.

Please help me to solve it.


Lo sentimos, pero se ha encontrado un error durante la descarga y la
instalacion de los programas de Office.
Compruebe la conexion de red. asegurese de tener suficiente espacio en
disco y reinicie el PC. La instalacion continuara automaticamente.
Si Ia instalacion no se oompleta 0 si observe mas errores. use Ia opcion
Reparar del elemento Programas y caracterfsticas del Panel de control
para reparar su instalacion

Thanks a lot.

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Office 365 – Looking for Solution


Hello Brett,

It seems that Office 365 may have encountered a problem when you were setting up the Spanish language pack. I will therefore suggest that you use the following workaround to fix the issue:

  • It is most likely that some registry entries for the office 365 application were tampered in the process of setting up the Spanish language pack. You will therefore need to install CCleaner on your computer and then run it, and use it to repair problems with registry entries on your computer.
  • If the problem persists you may need to uninstall office 365 and remove completely all files associated with it on your computer, and then later install it.



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