Office 2010 and PHStat2 error has occurred

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Hi, I recently installed a PHStat2 Add-in program for Microsoft Excel but I received this annoying error message when I attempted to run it with Excel. I am running Windows 7 Operating System and looking for proper resolution. Help me. Thanks.

PHStat2 Add-in program for Microsoft Excel

PHStat2 Add-in: PHStat2 cannot find the required PHStat2 system file. You may need to rerun the PHStat2 setup program with the proper account privilieges. 

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Office 2010 and PHStat2 error has occurred


Hi Leonard,
The error is because the version of the office 2010 is not compatible with PHStat2.
There are multiple solutions to resolve this error.
Solution 1: Verify PHStat2 version number.
1) Open PHStat2 and Excel in your system
2) Select 'Add-ins' in PHStat2, Click 'About PHStat2'
3) The About dialog box will display both the XLA version and the DLL version number
4) Use this XLA version number as PHStat2 version number

Solution 2: Check compatibility with Windows 7.
1) The PHStat2 is compatible with 64-bit version of Microsoft Office
2) Check for the version of Microsoft Office
3) Replace the 32-bit version with 64-bit version for Windows 7

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