CPU still working while Samsung Monitor shows nothing

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My issue is my monitor.

My monitor brand is Samsung LCD 15 inch. nothing is show my monitor.

when i worked my pc suddenly it off but my pc was ON whiling this problem i doing my job continuously, but now it totally stop.

When i on my CPU button, the pc is ON, but my monitor screen shows nothing.

What can i do to my monitor?

Thank you.

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CPU still working while Samsung Monitor shows nothing


Dear Khan

There are many reasons for this problem. Just do simple step for diagnosing the problem.

  1. Detach your monitor power cable and data cable for CPU and re-attach after one minute and ON your CPU. If the display is ok then fine otherwise
  2. Attach your LCD with some other computer, if your LCD working fine on another computer then a problem with your system VGA Card and in this situation you should check your system with a technician.
  3. If your LCD isn't working with another system then the problem in your LCD. Check LCD from a technician.

Problem diagnosing is a main object, if you diagnose the problem then you will settle that problem.

Hope this will work.

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CPU still working while Samsung Monitor shows nothing


HI Khan

There can be several reasons way that a monitor wont turns on as it can be an issue with the power or cable unplugged or the cable not working properly to supply the power voltages to the monitor so you can check it and make sure it isn’t the case behind your problem.

As You might be seeing lights on system case also hearing the fans running inside but no display at all on your screen also check the monitor from its settings adjustment buttons attached on the top of your monitor for your convenience try to enhance the brightness and sharpness with increasing colors to the maximum so that we can see whether the monitor starts working or not.

If still you are experiencing the blank screen then it’s a fault of your monitor’s hardware so you can visit any hardware maintenance shop of monitors to get some help 


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