New hardware with a newer version of the Realtek onboard audio

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I just bought a new hardware with a new version of the Realtek onboard audio system. My problem is that, I don't have quadrophonic sound when using my headphones. I played a lot of FPS (First Person Shooter) games with good quality like blackops, bf3, q3live and many more, and not hearing any sound is a total disadvantage for me. This used to work before when using my old Asus P5KC Mobo but now I don't know what to do or what to change in my settings to make this work. I plugged the headphones on the green hole on my laptop. I took a screenshots of the problem I am having right now.

Please note that I cannot hear the sound on the red circle.

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New hardware with a newer version of the Realtek onboard audio


This problem is usually caused by a sudden change in the hardware that is used by the system. If the Windows that you used right now was installed using the previous motherboard or the motherboard that was originally installed on your CPU and then you suddenly replaced the board with a new one that comes with a built-in Realtek audio, then there is your problem.

Even if you uninstall the previous soundcard and install this new Realtek soundcard, since the system was installed using the old board, the system will show a slight difference in the way it functions.

Like what you experience on the sound that you hear whenever you play any of your computer games.

I already experienced this when I fixed somebody’s computer where he needs to replace his board due to a busted device on the board. Windows still functions as before but the only problem is with the sound, it’s gone.

already installed the new soundcard for the new board but it’s still the same, no sound can be heard. The audio system of the computer is active, the small speaker icon is displayed on the system tray but there is still no sound.

The only solution that I could think of is formatting your hard drive and installing Windows again so the system will have a fresh start with the new motherboard.

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New hardware with a newer version of the Realtek onboard audio


Hi Kwakucyte,

Before you format the hard-drive, I will suggest that you try adjusting the sound card settings in the control panel. Just click on start on your computer, then control panel. 

Once you are in the control panel, locate hardware and sound and click on it. In the next message box click on 'manage audio devices'. Try adjusting the playback settings of the microphone under the recording tab as you listen to the changes.

Also try changing the sounds, restore to defaults if they have changed and see if there is any improvement.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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