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I can’t comprehend procedure in AD single sign-on procedure. To the best of my knowledge, single sign-on requires user to enter their username and password one time only. Once they are logged into the system there will be no need to re-enter them again for access to network resources e.g folders or printers that are shared.

Once a DC boots its Netlogon service registers SRV records in Domain Name System (DNS). During booting of a client PC, subnet mask, IP address, Default Gateway , IP of DNS server are obtained from either from DHCP or statically. During user domain login, location of DC is done by getting in touch with the DNS server to obtain the IP address of the DC needed for login. Then encryption of username and password by  Kerberos is done then sent to the DC for verification against its database.
How can network resources be accessed without username and password entered again?
Will  DC verify and approval again?
Thank you….

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Network resources clarification and guide


Hi Claytone,

Windows xp does not allow users access without passwords. To be able to access what you need to do is click Start > Run then type gpedit.msc to run group policy.

Then go to computer's configurations > windows settings > security settings > local policies > security options. In the right panel, right click accounts: limit local account use of blank passwords to console logins only.

Then select properties and then in the properties select disable.

I am sure if this procedure is used properly and step to step then you will be successful using your network without having to login.

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