Need sprite sheet space ship for small sized game.

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Hi experts

I need a space ship design for my little game.Can you make it 48×24 size with golden color. I need it in sprite sheet. Can you give me sprite sheet space ship with the requirement mentioned above please.

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Need sprite sheet space ship for small sized game.


One solution would just be to pack as much as you can on a single sheet: Texture packing algorithm Part of the data that results from that is where the sprite is in the texture and how big it is, so you can use that information to draw the portion of the image that you need for a given sheet.
Be sure to not use mipmaps, though.
If you insist on a sprite sheet, there are algorithms that will generate the smallest possible area with all the sprites in it (or write one yourself for fun). However with basic compression, you're better off making a big, but organized sprite sheet:
Easier to manage and look at,You can always pack it if you ever get to ship,Even if you don't, basic compression will make the difference negligible
However using separate files for each sprite is a more modular way of going about this. The difference is organizational and personal preference.


Rozack Susan

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