Need someone proficient in using Google Plus

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Hello guys,

I am into Information Technology and I want to ask if anyone here knows about or is proficient using Google+. I want to learn more about it.

Can anyone here share their ideas and any suggestion to improve my Google+ account. Hoping for some helpful answers and suggestions.



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Need someone proficient in using Google Plus



As far as I can tell, there is no big difference between Facebook and Google +. Actually, all the features that you have in Facebook can be found in Google+, only the organization of these features has changed. 

For example, the list of friends on Facebook have been changed the concept of circles, where you can put all your contacts in circles as you wish, also the cool feature called hangout, where you can use video chat with several peoples at the same time. For further explanation in the subject, you can visit the following link here.

OR, if you have enough time there is a book that can give you all the answers you need: 

"The Google+ Book: How To Use Google Plus For Yourself & Your Business" and this is the amazon link here.
 Hope this is helping!


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Need someone proficient in using Google Plus


When I saw Google+ I quickly signed in as it is great and it is like Facebook and you make your friends in group called circles, that will be more helpful for you and you can add friends who you are very interested in their work or their profiles and also you can divide your page for people who you are interested in their work and people who are your friends and people who are from your family and make a circle for each of them. 

So, you can have more than one circle and add more people and you may have one person in all circles as you like and it is up to you and you can upload photos like Facebook and you can make albums for your photos and also you can choose which images you want to share with other people by using this "add tag" and the important thing in sharing photos that you are free to choose who you want to see your images not like Facebook.

Here in Google plus, you are the person who will specify the people that you want to see your images only and you can look at "hang out" and this option enables you to make videos chat with your circles so everyone in your circle and with your video chat can invite other people from their circles and so on and I can say this looks like a small world and community and also you can find Sparks when you say what are you into then you will receive videos or contents. And finally there is Handle and it is like chat or live chat, so you can talk to many people in live chat .

Hope this information helps you and if you have any other questions about how to use Google+ or want to ask about anything in your Google plus account just ask us.

Have Nice work with Google+.

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