Need to know the current top CMS software along with its version

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I am developing a blog website, and I need to know the top CMS (with its corresponding version) to use so I can assess what to put on my website.

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Need to know the current top CMS software along with its version

Top 3 Content Management Systems by global popularity are:
1) WordPress (latest version 3.4.) –
Core modules of WordPress:
Blog – Below are some of blog features:
  – Categories – Provides organizations of posts into categories 
  – Moderation – It helps the webmaster to present control and give approval of content before showing. 
  – Notification – It helps to supply an email notification with any post whatever with the post happened. It gives notifications whenever anyone has posted any comment, likes, votes etc. 
  – Password protection – This feature helps the contents to be kept protected with a password. 
  – Permalinks – It helps to produce a permanent search engine friendly (SEF) URL's easily. 
  – Post in the future – With this feature, you can write a blog and can post it automatically in the future. 
  – Multi paged posts – This feature helps to split the content down into several pages for ease of reading of the reader.
  – Emotions – It converts the alphabets into graphical image counterparts 
  – Save Drafts – With this feature, you can save blogs as drafts for future editing and publishing so that you can easily edit them next time.
  – Blog by email – This feature will help you to finish the posts like an email and allow them to appear on the blog 
  – Formatting – This feature is for advanced users. This helps advanced text formatting 
  – Blog roll – This option is to create links to frequently reading blogs 
Templates – It helps to choose a different kind of themes and change the site design template 
Modules – This allows to install third party programs or functionalities 
Multiple-user – It helps to use multi-level permission user content creation and editing
Profile – This option is to the user profile management so that the user can maintain his profile.
Pages – It helps to add or edit text, image, and other media content
News Feed – Provides syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds) 
Search – This feature supplies site-wide keyword searching
Translation – Gives the utility of translating the web page content into different languages for reading ease.
2) Drupal (latest version 7.16) –
Core modules of Drupal:
Templates – It helps to change the site template according to your wish.
Modules – It installs third party programs or functionalities if you want. 
Multiple-user –This feature is for permitting users in the section of different layer to create and edit their own content. 
Multiple-level menu system – This option is to add main menus as well as sub-menus 
Multiple-site support – It helps to manage multiple sites easily.
Pages – Just as like as Wordpress. 
Blog – It endows with you the full blog functionality 
Contact Form – This feature gives the user of using both personal and site-wide contact forms 
Forum – Whenever any fell any problem, he can discuss it in a forum. With this feature, you will be given threaded discussions Forum 
Polls – This feature helps to afford the capacities to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions 
Search – It gives site-wide keyword searching to find out anything quite easily.
Upload – With this feature, the webmaster can control users to upload and attach files to content 
Statistics – With this feature, you can see site’s status. 
Taxonomy –You will be given the categorization of content of your website.
News Feed – This feature gives you to get syndicated content updates (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds) in your mail. 
Comment and Tracker – It helps to control users to post comments and discuss published content and tracking of recent posts to keep the privacy safe. 
Book – It gives the site owner of the capability for controlling users to structure site pages in a pecking order 
Content translation – Gives the chance of translating content in another language (This utility is a defective translation section so using Google Translator is the best way) 
Ping – Alert other sites when the site has been updated 
Profile – User profile management 
Throttle – Provides auto-throttling mechanism, to control site congestion 
Trigger – Provides the capability for taking actions to be created on definite incidents, for instance, when a new post is made, any observation is posted etc. 
OpenID –Helps the users to log into the site using any OpenID
Core modules of Joomla:
Templates – Helps to change the site design using any template 
Modules – This option helps to install third party programs or functionalities to increase its function.
Multiple-user – With this option, you can control users in the section of multi-level permission to create and edit content easily. 
Multiple-level menu system – Just as like as others mentioned above. 
Pages – As like as before. 
Polls – This is just as alike before. Nothing is new in this. 
Search – Helps visitor to search in the certain website to find out the desired content easily. 
Article – Provides the capabilities to create and archive articles 
News Feed – It helps to give syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds) in the subscribers’ mails. 
Banner – Helps to show banner advertising comfortably. 
Contacts – Provides contact management capabilities 
Web links – Provides management controls for controlling Web Links
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Need to know the current top CMS software along with its version

There are many great CMS available online. It is also a matter of what kind of site you would like to prefer. There is probably one that is the best of all. Among all of the CMS services, I think, WordPress is the best. It is the best I am calling because it has a lot of features that others do not support. There are many attractive themes available for WordPress. Also it has many plug-ins and widgets to enlarge its functionality. WordPress also has an incredible active community to improve it.
With the plug-ins and custom themes, you can easily create a WordPress into different types of websites such as a networking site, forum site, online marketing site and much more that you cannot imagine. In it, there is built-in functionality for making blog networks and other multi-blog installations from just a single core installation.
So why not download it today. You can download it from the following link:


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