Need help in choosing web browser

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Hi there everyone,

My kids love games, exploring things and fun. To allow them in browsing I wanted to use web browsers designed for kids. I heard about the kids, Hoopah and NoodleNet. But I am not aware of those as much. I hope these are standalone browsers and doesn't require any other browser installed in the system like IE. Am I correct about this? Can somebody help me to choose a good one?

Thanks for your help in advance guys!!

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Need help in choosing web browser


I can confirm that those two applications, Hoopah and NoodleNet are completely safe and perfect for children. Those applications work like a parental filter that blocks any kind of dangerous or suspicious site that are not recommended for children of small ages

About Hoopah, in fact, it's called Hoopah Kidview Computer Explorer, can be considered a "Windows for children" operating system. This application runs on top of Windows and offers a new way to present information to children in very simplified, funny and also educative manner. The application provides parents complete control of their computer, and whatever the child does on it. Everything is picture-driven and allows children to navigate and access the internet in a safe way.

On the other hand, there's also the afore mentioned NoodleNet. This one limits the computer according to the users age-appropiate browsing. As a parent, you can set a maximum session time, a minimum time between sessions, and your children can visit predefined age-appropriate websites and run safe searches. This is specially made for children under the ages of 11, and narrows everything down to navigating websites and online games that are preapproved for the respective age.

If you're having a hard time deciding, i would recommend Hoopah Kidview Computer Explorer.

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