Need Help about Microsoft Access to use in VBA

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I have some sort of confusion on why someone who knows Microsoft Access would want to learn about Visual Basic for Applications or VBA. Also, can anyone here provide me with some guidelines about the middleware applications that will improve the connection between the databases and Web Applications? And, can you also explain the function of metadata for the 3-layer architecture?

One more thing is, why does operational and information systems different from each other? What is a data warehouse and why does information gap always present in the majority of organizations.



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Need Help about Microsoft Access to use in VBA


Hello Raymond!

I am sure that MS Access is a database management system and you can use it to create simple databases. With this you can create multiple tables and to store data. The reason why others choose to study Visual Basic is to use and provide more extensibility with your MS Access. If you know how to use MS Access then you need to learn also VBA so you can create better software environment. You can control and create any functions or somewhat we can say play with your data from MS Access using VBA. Meaning to say you’ll have more ways to manipulate data.

For me as a professional programmer, there will be no specific guidelines for middleware. The sense is how you’re going to develop, use and implement the middleware system. As other people say, Java is the most secured programming language because it doesn’t use pointers or special characters that hackers uses to access your system, that’s correct, but that’s not the basis and insufficient. The basis here is how you’re going to prevent hackers or perpetrators to access your system. Even using the simplest programming language will prevent hackers from penetrating your system by adding security features. Here are some of my personal guidelines.

1.  Create multiple databases and tables in the databases. This will help you not to expose everything in just one database or table.

2.  Add multiple security features like password, filtering, watermarking or embedding data into any media files will help you a lot. Dividing your files in to different parts will add more security features.

3.  You have to study first what are the main goals and objectives before creating the middleware program. It must handle errors properly. Post what are the errors encountered and provide guidance on how to eliminate it while middleware program is running.

4.  You need to elaborate what are the capabilities of the middleware and what are the future updates that need to be done.

5.  Testing your middleware before publishing it will be the best away for you to make it sure it is free from errors and bugs.

6.  Information about the developer, version of the middleware and avenue to send feedbacks.

7.  Create simultaneous back-up of data.

8.  Create an off-line middleware access if the main middleware is unstable.

9.  Determining the capabilities of the programming languages that you’re going to use.

10.It must be friendly use, easier to understand, user will be able to understand right away without any written instructions.

3-Layer Metadata Architecture

1.  Database Layer – access to tables, fields, recordset, databases, joints and connections, server.

2.  Middle Layer  – it connects presentation and database layers on how to communicate and provide information

3.   Presentation Layer – usually refers to user-interface. Accessibility and other options.

Operational System is used in data warehousing for processes of data to information in just a single user or connections while Information System is the connection of different users or group of people or bigger the Operational System. Data Warehousing is used to store new data, edit it or update and searchable. Gaps are always present due to the processes used in data warehousing. It is difficult to connect or join tables and databases the produces lapses or missing information. It is quite complex and difficult to notice right away the missing part of the queried data.

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