My monitor is showing interference

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On occasion, my monitor will show lines (interference) when I am using it. I have tried checking for sources of the interference, but can't seem to find any. I did have new neighbors move into the apartment next door, but being I don't know them very well, I don't exactly want to ask if they have something that could be causing this. Anything I can try or am I stuck?  Thank you for your help.

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My monitor is showing interference


Hello Maria!

Unfortunate to say that the interference that you’re having right now could be a cause mostly by your video card/hardware, interference, connector, and probably a bad monitor.

Let’s start with your video card. Are you hearing any noise coming out from your tower? Or is it coming from your video card itself? Please double check it so we know what we need to do here to save time and save your money. Thin k first before you replace monitor. Please follow the steps in calibrating your monitor.

1. Unplug and re-plug your USB/HDMI/VGA etc. Make sure that the pins and ports are free from dirt. If it is clouded by dirt, use cleaning agent or brush to remove this.

Second alternative way to make your monitor function properly check the steps bellow.

1. Keep away/Relocate your computer from your dvd/vcd/Hi-Fi component players, keep it away from your microwave oven. Interference that you’re having right now could be a cause of signals inside your house or room. This is normal. To eliminate this just follow the step provided.

2. Place some blocking device. Like a cardboard or a piece of wood covered with aluminum foil or a preventive sheet for signals.

Third alternative way is to re-calibrate your video card. This is the most direct way to fix your issue, however following the steps below will make a great impact also in your computer’s performance.

1. Right-click in My Computer/Computer, select Manage, and Computer Management window will pop-up.

2. Select Device Manager, in the main window select Display Adapters. Right-click and uninstall.

3. Restart your computer if necessary. Uninstall also your video card’s software from your control panel.

4. After rebooting your computer, insert your video card’s installation CD. Follow the on-screen guide and finish install. Reboot again your computer to take the changes and make effects.

5. After successful reboot, right-click on my Computer, select Manage, and Computer Management window will open.

6. Select Device Manager, in the main window select Display Adapters and right click it, select Update Drivers and Software. Wait for this step to finish and restart again.

After doing this tests and calibration, consider if you’re near a satellite dish or any facility that has something to do with signal interference in your neighborhood. Asking your neighbor is not a bad thing. They will serve also as your guide on how to resolve your issue before buying a new monitor.

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