Acer Travel Mate 4150 touchpad problem

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I have an Acer Travel Mate 4150. When i bought it, the touch pad was not working that good, and i installed as the standard pointing device on PS/ 2 port 3. I found out that the drivers had a problem and installed new syntactics driver on the laptop. I got the drivers from a friend who had the same make and model  of the laptop. In his PC the drivers worked, but not in mine.

I tried downloading the latest syntactics drivers from the official site, tried them out, but there was no change. My touch pad still has problems. When i use it to control movement on in Internet Explorer or Firefox, it will either take me forward or bring me to the previous pages, opposite of how i command it.

Apart from that, it still has some problems. It highlights, drag files and folders when you just simply move it. I have tried troubleshoots,  diagnostics, mention it, but the problem stares me back on the face! I am going nuts. This is so annoying.

I tried installing a mouse through the USB port, and it behaved strangely too! I really cant figure out the main problem.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

I really need some help.

Thanks guys.

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Acer Travel Mate 4150 touchpad problem


Hi Ronald,

Have the touchpad disabled/enabled by pressing on Fn-F7 on  your computer.  Check if your touch pad is responding or not.  If it does not respond correctly use this as a work around, connect a USB mouse since the touchpad has been disabled and check if your mouse works correctly.

You may also try to check in your Device Manager and make sure that your touchpad says that “This device is working properly”.

Go to Control Panel > Double click on System > Select on Hardware Tab, then Click on Device Manager.

Look for your Touchpad device then double click on it and check if it tells you “This device is working properly” in the General Tab.

 If it tells you differently or it shows you an exclamation mark on the item, you will need then to have the drivers reinstalled again.

Hope this helps you on your issue.

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Acer Travel Mate 4150 touchpad problem


It is possible that the touchpad of your laptop was installed with a different version of the driver that’s why it doesn’t function correctly. Usually when you buy a laptop it comes with a disc that contains all of its drivers. If you browse the disc it contains different drivers for the touchpad, webcam, video card, and others.

Sometimes it has several different drivers for the webcam or the touchpad. If it’s your first time to see the content of the disc you will surely get confused because the webcam has different drivers included on the disc, as well as the touchpad or the video card.

This is what I experienced with my sister’s laptop. The content of the disc is so confusing because there are so many drivers for only one device. You just need to figure out which of them is the right version for the device. In other words, you need to try them all to see the result.

With your USB mouse problem, make sure that it is really working properly on other computers. It is possible that the Windows operating system that was installed on your laptop is not configured properly or it is not installed properly.

Check the mouse’s configuration in the Device Manager. If you can’t find any problem with it, just format your hard drive and make a new installation of Windows.

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