My laptop cannot access a specific website

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Hello experts,

My HP Pavilion 17Z-E000 laptop is running Windows 8 and this is brand new. I purchased this for my online course. However, I am having issues on opening my eBooks. I can't even download it and I cannot even open the webpage where I will download those eBooks. I always received connectivity issue (312) and ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT when in Chrome. I can open other websites without issues except for this. I tried to open that specific site on another computer and it works without issues. So I am sure that the problem is not on the website itself but maybe on my laptop.

What could be the problem here? I am worried because this laptop is new and I really need this for my online course. Please help.



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My laptop cannot access a specific website


Hi Gary,

Since it is a brand new laptop, it limits the number of things that could go wrong, which is a good thing! Check the below options to see if you are able to open the ebook/web page:

  1. Try to access it in another browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox
  2. Re-boot your laptop in safe mode with networking option (restart laptop and press F8 button continuously to get the options). Try to open the web page once you see the desktop.
  3. Disable the antivirus you have running and then try to access the web page
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My laptop cannot access a specific website


Since you are using a laptop, make sure both the Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters are installed because those are the devices used to connect your machine to the internet. If your laptop connects to your Wi-Fi router via Wi-Fi, check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal received by your laptop.

If it is weak, then you are too far from your router that’s why your connection times out on websites. Try moving your laptop closer to the Wi-Fi router to improve the signal strength. Another way of improving your connection is to use a network cable to connect your laptop to your Wi-Fi router instead of connecting wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Though this limits the distance you can move your laptop away from the router, it will definitely improve your connection to the router.

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