PC stop functioning after changing CPU Case

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I can't diagnose my desktop unit I know what is the specific problem ? It started the day i transferred the whole cpu or Central Processing Unit to the another system unit case. The specific error is when im going to press the power on is totally no response even the power supply or cpu fun, I already check all the cords its already plug in 220v? What do you think the possible cause of it?

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PC stop functioning after changing CPU Case


Unresponsive computer means there is something wrong with either the software or hardware. When you turn on your computer then nothing happens, means that there is no source of electrical supply inside.

What needs to be done first is to check the power cords, at the back from your CPU – Central Processing Unit going to the surge protector or outlet. Once everything is check, all secured and tightly connected then you move to the next step.

Since you have made any changes of your computer, transferring all hardware components to a different computer casing then we have a clue of what's going on. All hardware components inside has it's on connector, power cables attached and connected to the right slots. You will need to rewind the steps you've done because you might miss something that trigger this problem.

The possible cause of why computer is not turning on is the power cord itself and also the power button inside the CPU. Double check this area until you will have a steady light of power indicating that your computer is now turning on.

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PC stop functioning after changing CPU Case


Hi Laroya26,

                       If the power supply is not working then it is entirely problem of hardware it cant be a problem which is related to software. As u said u have transferred to other unit u must be checking out the connections of the power cables important things to be checked

  1. Processor fan connection see whether u have inserted it properly or not .
  2. Below the processing fan chassis u can find a small chip clean it properly and insert in back in to its position.
  3. Detach the ram and rub the ram with the help of eraser and insert in back in the correct slot.
  4. Check the power cables are in condition or not .

 Before u try to power on the computer follow the above said points .

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