My CPU fans sound makes noise

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Hi there!

My office computer fan makes very loud sound noise. It is very boring for me. At last I have been deciding stop this fan. But if I stop CPU fan so my processor will be risky.

  • I mean that is already damaged and no longer service more.
  • So what is the correct way for me to reduce fan sound?
  • I want that my CPU fan has no sound.


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My CPU fans sound makes noise



Noise of computer fan is caused by either the fan is too dirty and or the fan needs to be secured. This cause the fan to make noise when your using the computer because it won’t spin properly.


1. Be ready, cotton, brush and a little alcohol is needed.
2. Caked-on the dust and with the help of compressed air to remove dirt of the fan.
3. Spray a little liquid alcohol to smoothen the thick dust inside. Used some vacuum cleaner crevice tool.
4. Gently sweep the fan to remove dust
5. Replace the fan if it needed.

Hope this helps

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My CPU fans sound makes noise


What do you mean by noisy?  Do you mean the fan makes a high pitch sound as if it's spinning too fast or do you mean it makes a clattering sound like something is loose?

If it make a high pitch noise because of spinning too fast, then it is because your motherboard has monitored your processor temperature to be too hot.  Most motherboards speed up fan rotation when the processor temperature gets too hot and slows it down when it reaches normal temperature.  If the processor is always too hot then you will have to do the following (with the power turned off):

  1. Remove the processor heatsink.  Clean it by removing the accumulated dust with a brush and an air blower or vacuum cleaner.
  2. Remove the old thermal paste with alcohol and a clean cloth.  Check out guides on the net about cleaning up thermal paste.
  3. Apply new thermal paste.  There are several tutorials on the Internet on how to properly apply thermal paste.   Thermal paste like the ones made by Jetart aren't that expensive.
  4. Put back the heatsink making sure contact with the processor is good.

If it makes a clattering sound like something is loose then the only option is to buy a new CPU fan and replace it.  Do not put off replacement of the fan.  If it fails, it can mean sudden death for your processor.

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