My connection times out when trying to publish a raw category

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   I am trying out this Beta CWA to publish a raw category for a user.

<cwaRequests sid="96" xmlns=""><publishRawCategories rid="1"><rawCategory name="gpsLocation" instanceMask="0" version="4" container="200" expireType="static"><gpsLocation>17</gpsLocation></rawCategory></publishRawCategories></cwaRequests>

     When I use it to detect the presence of a user (any user), nothing shows up and the connection times out. Can you tell me if I got the configuration settings wrong? I greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you.

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My connection times out when trying to publish a raw category


Hallo Steve,

I guess the problem is being caused by wrong configuration settings or the version of the CWA software that you are using. So first thing to do cross check the settings, if there is anything that you have not configured properly, or there are some settings that are missing, ensure that you rectify that.

Otherwise the CWA version which is a beta version may not be having the capability of publishing the categories as you want it to, and so you may consider getting a full version and installing it.

Another thing you should do is check internet connection and ensure that it is strong enough, for the problem may be as result of slow internet connections.


Mahesh Babu

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