My computer is being accessed by intruders

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Someone has accessed my computer unauthorized and he's been sending some adult materials and selling things using my own address book. What should I do?


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My computer is being accessed by intruders


1. Download a firewall software, you can search Google to find a good one.

2. Log out from Internet like turn off your router or the Internet connection you used.

3. Open the firewall software and scan your computer.

4. After the software scanned your computer and caught the Trojan, turn on your Internet connection because you are now protected.

5. Change all your E-mails passwords and send a message to people in your address book and tell them what has been happening to you.

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My computer is being accessed by intruders


Hi Mokai2008,

If you suspect your computer might have been accessed unauthorized kindly look into the below steps:

1. Ensure your computer is current with the operating system updates and also the antivirus is up to date.

2. Then after updating your antivirus, scan your computer for any malware, Trojans or viruses.

3. Try changing the password to your email account.

4. Save the changes and restart your computer.

Some other points to note is that you can try as much as possible not to check emails from public computers as they may be affected or may have key logging spyware that installed on purpose.

Also you can go ahead and apologize to the people in your address book for the messages they got.

I hope this help.

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