Mouse has stopped working on Internet Explorer and Chrome

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I am experiencing a weird issue with my internet browsers and mouse. Whenever I want to select a word or some text on either IE or Chrome, the mouse will refuse to do it. I can click links or interact with the browsers, I just can’t select any text. When I do it on any other program, the mouse selects text fine, just not on both my browsers. I tried restarting the computer, unplugging the mouse, searching for new drivers, reinstalling the mouse. Nothing. I am very confused. What could I try next?

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Mouse has stopped working on Internet Explorer and Chrome



Such issue is very weird. If the mouse is working with other applications, the problem is with the browsers. Something might have broken inside their cores and throwing such issue.

First, try to disable extensions one by one and restart your browser simultaneously. There are many extensions that might do the problem. So, checking the extension at first is a must.

Next, it’s time to clear the cache, cookies etc. from your browser. Open the problematic browser, press “Ctrl + Shift + Del” and select everything there. Then, clear everything and restart your browser. Hope, it should fix the issue.

If still no solution, try to download the latest versions of the browsers. Download Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Uninstall the older ones and install the latest one.

Scan your PC for any malware. They might be the culprit behind this trouble.

Buy a new mouse with better hardware tightness. If the mouse is old, sometimes, such issue would show up.

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Mouse has stopped working on Internet Explorer and Chrome


I don’t think the problem is caused by your mouse as well as by your web browsers. I also experience this from time to time when visiting different websites. Most of the websites allow users to select and copy texts from the page. You can select a word by double-clicking a word on the page and the entire word will be highlighted which will then allow you to copy it.

But not all websites allow a user to do this. I’ve encountered several that don’t allow a word on the page to be double-clicked and even copy it. Double-clicking a word will result to nothing. You can still drag your mouse over a word to highlight it but will not allow you to copy it.

Right-clicking on the highlighted word so you can copy it will not work as well as pressing CTRL + C. If you encounter or experience this on a particular website, it means the page or the site is copyrighted. Meaning, you cannot copy any information from the website. If this happens to you when visiting a website and you need to copy a word or a paragraph, your only option is to type it manually.

Web browsers will never prevent you from highlighting or copying texts from a website. It is the website who controls and sets restrictions for the web browser if it will be allowed to highlight and copy texts from the webpage or the web browser is restricted from doing any of these tasks.

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