Mobile phone car charger into USB power

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Hello experts,

I have a USB cord which I can use for my mobile phone and PSP console. I also have a car charger for my mobile phone. My car charger has 5V at 1A which is best for mobile phone and PSP. I want to know if I can change it so instead of plugging my mobile phone directly into it, I can add two more USBs on it.

If so, will it cause any damage if I attach another USB machines like LEDs, fan or any other gadgets? The USB can supply 500mA, can it supply full amp? Or will it damage my anything that I will connect into it?


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Mobile phone car charger into USB power


As far as I understand and assuming you don’t alter any part of your car charger, I doubt that attaching more devices to it would necessarily damage any of them, even more considering the main power source would still be the charger.

With this in mind, it is still highly inadvisable to connect more than the expected gadgets to your charger, even more when it comes to putting on a double USB head as this could have unintended and unexpected consequences, even when ignoring the amperage.

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