Cannot delete files in recycler.exe in pendrive

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I have Kingston 4GB Pendrive, which shown recycler,autorun.inf  in it.  

I tried to delete this file many times, but it reappear in few seconds?

What to do ? 


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Cannot delete files in recycler.exe in pendrive


Hi there Meganwharding,

I think the first thing you should know before deleting the autorun.inf folder or recycler is what exactly the file autorun.inf

An autorun.inf the file is a text file that can be used by AutoRun and AutoPlay component of Microsoft Windows operating system. For files to be found and used by this component, must be located in the root directory of the volume.

As Windows has a view of case-insensitive file names, file autorun.inf info be saved as Autorun.inf, or a combination of other cases.

To delete Autorun.inf folder or Recycler folder, there are two ways

First Step – Using Command Prompt.

1. Click Start > Run > type cmd then enter.

2. Type RD / S / Q \.Drive namefolder name in command prompt (example : RD / S / Q \.E:autorun.inf) then enter.

3. To delete Recycler folder use the same way as above but change autorun.inf with recycler (example : RD / S / Q \.E:recycler).

If the above steps are still not able to remove autorun and recycler folder,

Use this Second Step :

1. A download Unlocker tool from here

Install Unlocker tool to your computer.

3. Go to Autorun / Recycler folder you want to delete.

4. Right click on Autorun / Recycler folder then chooses Unlocker then choose an action and click OK.

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Cannot delete files in recycler.exe in pendrive


There are a number of things we can try on this.

  • First, you can try deleting autorun.inf from your system drivers and from your pen drive as well and try again. Make sure you delete the hidden files as well.
  • You can also run your security software in case it’s a virus
  • You can also try a Patch for your OS and pen drive
  • You can also remove the possible virus by going to cmd, go to drive e if that is still set as your flash drive driver. Then type dir/ah this will list all hidden files. Once you find autorun.inf and recycler, type attrib -r -s -h <file>.<exe> (tis willunhode the files and remove the read only permission for them). You can then remove them using the del command.
  • If all else fails, format the pen drive.
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Cannot delete files in recycler.exe in pendrive


There are many methods to remove/delete an autorun file.

1st method to remove autorun file: When a windows explorer is refreshed a virus which is running continuously can create the file if it is already deleted. Many events like OPEN, REFRESH etc of an OS are attached to windows explorer.

You can remove this virus by following the steps. Before doing this you have to close the windows explorer.

1. Open command prompt (Window + R > type cmd and Press enter)

2. Now it is time to remove the autorun file (Suppose you have E drive for Pen Drive. )

E:attrib -s -r -h *.*

E:del autorun.inf

3. Now you have to remove the pen drive as soon as possible.

4. Now you drive is clean from autorun.inf

2nd method to remove autorun and recycler: But if you system contain the virus then the recycler and autorun.inf reappears again in your pen drive. You have to remove the virus by installing an antivirus or you can delete the recycler and autorun.inf from other computer.

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