Is Mac mini worth buying for?

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Why Mac mini is worth buying for? Is it just for an avid mac user or could also be used in PCs'?

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Is Mac mini worth buying for?


I am not a Mac fan at all but I bought a MacMini and it was very well worth it. However, it depends what you are planning to use it for.

I needed a computer to use in my living room for my HDTV. For that MacMini has a few great advantages:

1) It is small and should fit in or on any TV stand. It perfectly integrates into mine.

2) It perfectly supports Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (which you need when you sit away from it).

3) Its video card produces a great picture for TV through the DVI output. I had a much better Windows computer connected through HDMI and the picture was not as good.

4) It is very stable, only crashed 5 times or so in three years.

However, here are a few disadvantages (reflecting my personal opinion):

a) The way Mac OS works is very unconventional and annoys me every time I use it. Windows in the background need two clicks to get the focus, etc.

b) I don't like the Mac keyboards. Must have been a guy with sausage fingers who invented them.

c) Most importantly: Without Videolan's VLC player the Mac would nearly not be able to play anything I need. Quicktime player simply sucks (sorry to be polemic here but I had my experiences) and does not support most of the common codecs (MKV, etc.).

d) Mac's policy of being incompatible with any standard is an insult to the computer world. It starts with not being able to write to an NTFS USB drive and ends with overpriced products.

I could list more pros and cons. My opinion in a nutshell, when you only need Mac world features in a small casing, the MacMini is a good choice, especially with an HDTV (Plex is a great free multimedia app for the Mac). If you need a workstation for frequent and intense computer work, I would never touch it.

Having said that, a few weeks ago I decided to give Windows 7 a try on the MacMini. It was a little cumbersome, but with the Mac boot manager and a good amount of tweaking I got it to work. I have a second partition now on the MacMini with Windows 7 32Bit on it. It works fairly good, I got even the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work after finding some help about that via Google. Stability is not that good though when using graphic intensive applications. Some games don't work but browsing and playing media files is great. I am using Plax on the Mac and XBMX in Windows. Oh, and I can finally write to that USB drive.

Hope that helps.

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Is Mac mini worth buying for?


Hello Josella,

Mac mini is one of the powerful and affordable operating system. It performs up to 2x faster processor and also its graphics. It is also fast, flexible and has thunderbolt I/O. It has also good when in terms of connectivity port, WiFi and Bluetooth. It has  a huge storage capacity from 500 GB which expandable to 750 GB.

I hope the information I have given will help you.

Thank you.

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