In Mac how to combine video clips mp4?

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Hello everybody,

I am just new in the Mac operating system environment and got some trouble about the features because I was with Windows 7 operating system before and they differ too much. In Mac how to combine video clips mp4? Is there licensed software that can possibly help me? I have to be guided in Mac operating system.

Thank you.

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In Mac how to combine video clips mp4?



MKVTools is one of the software that can be used on your mac. Download it from the link

Double click on the zip file to extract.  Drag the MKVTools app from the extracted folder and drop the in the applications folder. Double click on it to launch it and follow these steps below

1. One the MKVTools window there is a "tools" button, click on it. 

2. Click on Open to open the Finder and go the location you have saved your videos. Ensure all the videos you want to combine are saved in names ending with a three-digit sequential number in the order you want them combined i.e., 001, 002, 003…

3. Highlight all the videos you want combined, drag and drop them in the indicated box. The videos will be loaded in the order you have named them.  Click on "join".  A dropdown menu will appear to show the progress of your join.

5. When complete, the combined video will appear in the same folder as the source videos.

Hope this will be of help.

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