Looking for different ways for cd rom eject

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for different ways to automatically cd rom eject. I am doing an experiment and finding the ways to ejecting the CD ROM and stops the CD Rom from automatically ejecting.

Can someone tell the different ways and options to eject the CD ROM?

Have anyone tried this before?

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Looking for different ways for cd rom eject



You have not specified your Operating System. There is a cool way to automatically as well as periodically eject cdrom on UNIX or Linux machines, by using the "eject cdrom" command. With "crontab -e" you can place a crontab entry in crontab, save it, and with "crontab -l" you can verify whether crontab has correctly taken the entry.

For example, the crontab entry as shown below will cause the system to automatically eject the cdrom at 2:00 AM in the morning and it will do so every morning.
00 2 * * * eject cdrom
Hope it helps.
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Looking for different ways for cd rom eject


You can be able to eject the CD-ROM in different ways. Try the following:

1. First of all, download the EMSA CD Tray PAL. This is a small utility for running your CD-ROMs eject function. It is capable of assigning the hot keys to Insert and Eject function. This will work when you assign the eject function on your keyboard hotkeys and then press it as a shortcut to eject your CD-ROM.

2. Download CD Ejector. This program will save you some time and effort from manually ejecting the disc. This will appear as a system-tray icon. When you right-click it, it will give you an option to open or close your CD-ROM. There is also a toll to lock your drive.

3. Run the Command Prompt by clicking on Start and then Run and then type CMD. Type the following command to eject your CD-ROM:

C:eject D: (D: is your CD-ROM drive)

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Looking for different ways for cd rom eject


Hello dear,

There are many ways to eject the CD/DVD Drive tray. The first way is to right click on the drive and click on eject.

It will open drive tray.

Press the eject button on the front of drive.

Press CTRL+E, this shortcut might open the CD drive tray, but it does not work on every computer.

It mainly applies to some software; media players like Power DVD and Jet audio, etc.

I hope this helps you.


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