Long,medium and short term scheduling

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In system support  there are three main scheduling that are Long Term,Short term and Medium term scheduling.

Differentiate these terms.

What are the main difference.

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Long,medium and short term scheduling


It is going a strange question.

I have good description about it. The term means the period of the next day or next positions.

Short term means in a system supporting; the program or software will able to carry little time.

And long term will be enough time for working like register version. Medium is between long and short. Thus some soft corporation supports it by free or demo version and some soft corporation 3 or 2 month trial version.

But the short term serve 15 days, 27 day trial to use. If you want to visit this link, you will get more information

Those are words in English Adjective.

Keep going.


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Long,medium and short term scheduling

Within operating system OS, scheduling is a process to decide which running process runs first among different processes. The decision is based on a set of policies. The main part of OS is called scheduler and this scheduler manages the running process. Every OS has three levels scheduling, namely, long-term, medium-term, and short-term scheduling. The details of each scheduling are as follows.
Long term scheduling
This is often called high-level scheduling or job scheduling. The files are queue up here and will be executed on first-come-first-serve basis. Here the Process Control Block PCB stores the running time, process ID, process memory size, requirements etc. The principle objective is to balance the job sets e.g. I/O bound and CPU bound.
Medium term scheduling
Different processes often are loaded to secondary memory from main memory and this is called swapping. This level scheduling is to control the process swapping in and out. The task of medium term scheduler is to put back any suspended process to main memory. PCB shall provide the running process information.
Short term scheduling
Whenever any process is ready to be executed, then short term scheduler shall allocate CPU resources to the ready-to-be-executed process.

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