Linking two sheets in Excel, how is this done?

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How Can I link two sheets so that the value obtained in Sheet 1 is carried over to another sheet. Explain the steps to achieve this linking. What if I need a row of values to be carried over to another sheet? Do I need to use the same process to get this done?


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Linking two sheets in Excel, how is this done?


Hello Azreil,

You can link unlimited number of sheets as you per your requirement in Excel. This method is called grouping of sheets in Excel. This method can be done in two ways namely by CTRL key or by Shift Key.

By CTRL key method, you need to press and hold CTRL button and then select the worksheets you need to link between each other. After selection release CTRL key and you will see in the file name on the menu bar the word Group is appearing, it means sheets are linked or grouped. Now if you enter values row wise in one of the sheets those values will simultaneously get entered on linked sheets too on the same position, if you enter value on A3 B3 and D3E4 then on other sheets, this cells will get same value populated.

By Shift key method, you can do this grouping if all sheets are in a sequence like sheet1 sheet2 sheet3. Then you need to press and hold Shift key when cursor is in sheet1. Then click the cursor to sheet3 with holding the Shift key. You will see Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3 all are grouped. Then you can enter data on any one sheet and you will get same data replicated on other linked sheets. You do not need to enter same information repeatedly on other sheets. 



Derick Harris

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