On line tuning pitch and tone generator

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I am a guitarist that wants to tune his guitar on line. After I've tuned the guitar, I'd like to record some of my samples and use the pitch and tone generated by the program to make my own "remix" of my music. What kind of (freeware) programs do you recommend?

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On line tuning pitch and tone generator




An online tone generator has been made based on the Firefox Audio API . Other tone generator online are not as good as this one, since they require Java or Flash. This generator only works on Firefox, but does not work on Linux version of Firefox. You can use a tone generator to tune musical instrument or test the limitation of your hearing. Click here to access this tone generator:  http://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/

To learn more about Tone generating tools click the link: https://www.violins.ca/info/online_violin_tuner.html

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