Is on line banking safe

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 I want to know about on line banking. Is it always safe? Please help

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Is on line banking safe


Some safety Tips for online banking if you go behind these tips then you can operate your online transaction safely. There is a little special method which is called Phishing for remaining online banking safe. This technique is done through email.

It points out you require to modify your online information and wish to make you login your online account with a link in the email but actually the link point is a spam page that logs your account information.

Keep in mind you will not click on that link for the safety of your account and you can check your online bank without clicking on that link.

As a substitute all time use a bookmark to log into your bank, which you can make into your browser or by typing a URL. Note never send your secure information like username and password etc. Via email.

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Is on line banking safe


Hello Shopon,

Online banking is good, but when it comes to safety it will ultimately on the individual efforts to ensure that you are using the right methods to ensure the safety of your accounts online.

For instance, online banking entails the use of usernames and passwords. So as a user, you can choose to ensure the safety of you account by using strong passwords which are not easy to guess, changing the passwords regularly and using different passwords for different accounts.

But if you choose to use weak passwords, expose your confidential information, then you will be exposing your online account to risks of being infiltrated illegally.

So it is based on an individual's efforts.


Lee Hung

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Is on line banking safe


Yes, online banking is safe because it is your bank that’s actually running the website. Your bank’s website will also give you facts and reminders about good and bad habits when doing online banking. Banks also recommend that you change your account’s password on a regular basis.

It is also important to note when doing online banking, avoid accessing your bank’s website from a public computer like an internet shop. This is a no-no and might put your account’s security in danger. When you need to do online banking, always do it in the privilege of your own home or in the office when you are alone.

Also, before going online with your bank account, always make sure that your antivirus or internet security program is up and running and up-to-date. Because you will be accessing your account from a web browser, you can use your browser’s incognito or private browsing feature to avoid your credentials from getting saved on your computer. When accessing your bank’s website, always check the URL on the address bar.

Make sure the address displayed on the address bar is the actual address of your bank’s website and it should always use the “https” prefix for a secured connection. No banks in the world use an “http” prefix because the connection in this state is not safe.

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