Less than ideal remote control iPad

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I heard that iPad can be a remote control for any appliances! How could it be?


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Less than ideal remote control iPad



Answer 1:   

You can control iTunes, Apple TV by your iPad. It is done by iPad touch over your Wi-Fi connection. In your Apple TV or select your favorite list  on computer such as songs, albums and then play the selected items by cloud service with iTunes Match on Apple TV.  Now you can change your favorite list at any part of home, i.e. you are controlling Apple TV. In iPad touch you change the song volume and you can do pause, fast-forward, rewind, etc.,

Answer 2:

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) docking station is used to mirror anything from iPad to HD TV. It can be done by HD signal is Transmit by iPad to HD TV.

HDMI docking station can mirror presentations, websites, apps and movies from your iPad to HD TV. Watch movies on HDTV up to 720p. Now your iPad works as a remote controll. You can control HD TV, i.e. you can do play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, etc

Below product allow you iPad as a remote control.



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