Learn How To Install Dell Optiplex Gx520 Hard Drive

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Hi. I am using Dell, and I want to install Dell optiplex gx520 hard drive. So, can you please give the steps to install the hard drive? Thanks in advance. It is urgent.

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Learn How To Install Dell Optiplex Gx520 Hard Drive


Hi. The steps to install Dell optiplex gx520 hard drive are-

1) Ensure that the drive is configured for your PC or not

2) Prepare the hard drive for installation

3) The bracket needs to be added to the new hard disk if not already available by taking it out from the previously used hard drive

4) Power needs to be connected to the cables of the hard drive

5) The floppy drive needs to be replaced

6) Ensure that all the connectors are connected properly

7) A bootable medium needs to be added

8) Switch on the computer

9) The primary drive option needs to be updated after entering the system setup

10) Reboot the system after exiting the setup of the system

11) Before going further, the drive first needs to be logically divided and formatted

12) Run the diagnostics to test the drive

13) Last but not the least, operating system is required to be installed on the drive

Hope we helped.

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Learn How To Install Dell Optiplex Gx520 Hard Drive


The Dell OptiPlex GX520 computer is available in standard CPU tower and small form factor. This Dell CPU model supports SATA drives only. If you will be connecting a PATA drive or IDE drive, you will need a cable converter for the data cable and power supply cable because SATA drives use a different set of cables.

Me, I use a USB 2.0 IDE to SATA converter to connect my IDE hard drive to my SATA-only CPU.

USB 2.0 IDE to SATA converter
USB 2.0 IDE to SATA converter

Also, before connecting an IDE hard drive, you need to configure it first. If you’ll be connecting it using a USB adapter like in the image above, no configuration is required. But if your computer supports IDE drives, you need to configure it first using the correct jumper. The correct jumper setting is printed on top of the drive.

If you’ll be using the drive to install Microsoft Windows, you need to set it to “Master” else you can set it as “Slave”. Once the correct jumper is set, you may now connect it to your CPU using the ribbon cable and the power supply cable. You need to fasten it properly with the screws on the tower.

Once the drive is secured on the tower, plug the CPU to the power and turn it on. Next, press DEL, DELETE, F2, or whichever key is used to go to the BIOS. In the BIOS, navigate to the drive management section then detect the drive. After this, save the new settings and exit. Boot normally and the new drive should appear on your computer.

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