Latest internet connection in IT sector

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Is dupeguru is the fastest internet connection?

If yes then give its reasons and its working?

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Latest internet connection in IT sector


I conducted a research about DUPEGURU because it captures my interest, I also have questions such as: Is it a Software or a hardware?what does it do?Is it a type of internet connection or just a tool to make your internet connection fast?Well, i got the answer based on my research.

Dupeguru is a software or program that is used by the users to find duplicate files on a computer. This programs provides an interface and categories for you to find your duplicate file easily.

But the question is, what is the relation of dupeguru to a fast internet connection?

If you do have a fast or the fastest internet connection available at home or in your office, obviously, the download speed of files or images would be very fast as well. Because of your fast internet connection you can simple fast track the file that you want to download.

This way you are unintentionally creating duplicates which is the cause of consuming large amount of space on your hard drive. The dupeguru program will help you to eliminate duplicates files.

I hope i answered your question.

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Latest internet connection in IT sector


I don’t see any relevance of using dupeGuru in making your internet connection fast as ever. I think you are referring to a different program or tool offered by your Internet Service Provider or ISP in enhancing the speed of your connection.

It is not a network optimizing application that maximizes the speed of your internet connection at its full capacity to deliver the best performance. dupeGuru is a program that will help you find duplicate files on your hard drive.

This piece of software lets you find files that have either duplicate contents or duplicate file names. It doesn’t only find duplicate file names but it is also capable of finding similar file names. You can also customize your search to fine tune the criteria for the files you are searching.

It supports different languages such as English, German, Armenian, French, Czech, Ukrainian, Chinese [simplified], Italian, Russian, and Brazilian. You can download the present version, dupeGuru 3.6.0, from Hardcoded Software dupeGuru. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 and higher [Snow Leopard, Lion, and or Mountain Lion], and Ubuntu 12.04.

When downloading the file, download only the version applicable for your operating system.

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