Laptop or Notebook Computers to use

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Hi techyv,

Ive been planning to buy either a laptop or a notebook computer this saturday.

Im not really quite sure what would be better to use.

Does using Laptop better than notebook or notebook better than laptop?

Im really confused on this one. Could anybody care to share their opinions on this?

Thank you.

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Laptop or Notebook Computers to use


Hello Alvadez,

    Choosing either a laptop or a notebook for your own necessity is actually up to you. It depends on how are you going to use it like what it is for, or are you going to use it for heavy application and gaming, or for just simple applications. Anyway, I will just differentiate and compare the two in order for you to be able to choose which one is right for you. 

Well, a laptop and netbook are somehow the similar. What is significantly different between the two are its peripherals. Here are their difference:

Laptop Notebook
Wider Screen about 14"-17" Smaller screen about 12"-14"
It has a CD/DVD drive It does not have a CD/DVD drive.
Has a better GPU (Nvidia or Ati) Has minimal GPU
Much bigger and features the whole keyboard Much smaller and sleeker in physical size
heavier lighter
It is upgradeable (RAM and Hard Disk only) non-upgradeable 
Better in performance Better in lifespan

Well, considering all of this, you should be able to choose which is which. If you are planning to use it for gaming and other heavy applications, then go for a laptop. Now, that does not mean any laptop could play anything you want. You should also check out the specifications of the laptop. Make sure the specifications should be able to play and run the games and applications you are planning to install in your computer. On the other hand, if you are going for its mobility like its size and life span regardless of its performance, then go for a notebook. It should be pretty handy considering it small size. It should be able to last for 6-7 hours depending on the usage.

Well,in choosing either of the two, you must consider it with its price ofcourse. That is the most important thing you should think about. Anyway, just think about what I placed here, and surely, you will be able to choose whether of the two.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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