Laptop giving out continuous beeping sound.

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How can i fix laptop problem of giving continuous beeping sound just after turning on and it stops only if headphones are plugged in or the audio driver is disabled,i am using DELL INSPIRON N5040

Please help thanks for your consideration.

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Laptop giving out continuous beeping sound.



The beeping comes because of two things one is the ram and second is the bios setting. So your laptop running in fine conditions it means you don't have the ram problem then because if it was ram your laptop won't load windows and Screen still to the bios.

So try this when you start laptop go into the BIOS setup by pressing F1, F2, or F12. See on the screen which one is assigned for your laptop bios settings. In bios setting for navigation the keys and the directions will be provided and all of them use arrow keys for it.

Go to the configure and then in the alarm sub menu. Disable the power control beep and save the settings and exit.

Hope it will resolve your problem and you won't hear any beeping in the future from your laptop.

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