Keyboard issues with typing some letters

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Hi there,

I have Dell Latitude E6230 laptop which has few keys having irritating beahvior of retyping the same letter, for example when am typing letter a and I press the key once, I end up getting aaaaaaaaaa, the keys are W, A and D, I have been gaming on the laptop using the keys as secondary for the arrow keys, How can I fix this annoying behavior? What could be the cause for this?

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Keyboard issues with typing some letters



It looks constant gaming has taken a toll on the keyboard, particularly on the keys W,A,S,D because you must be using it often as direction keys for any game.

There are two things you can do – you can check for any physical damages or if at all it doesn't work, set up a software solution called Sticky Keys.

  1. Use a pair of tweezers or your fingers to pull out each key from the keyboard
  2. Use a blower or a dry cloth to wipe and clean any dust particles present on the membrane of the keyboard
  3. Replace the keys like they were in the keyboard and check if it is working properly
  4. As a last resort, set up sticky keys on your system so that even if the key is pressed more than once or getting stuck, it will not be activated more than once
  5. Move your move to the right hand corner of your screen and swipe to access the Charms menu in Windows 8
  6. Search "Sticky Keys" and click the "Settings" tab to the right side of the screen. You will see the option "Change how your keyboard works"
  7. Clicking on that will open up an Ease of Access center window
  8. Under "Make it easier to type", select "Turn on Sticky Keys"
  9. You can set your preferences by clicking on "Set up Sticky keys"
  10. Now even if your keys are getting stuck, effectively they will not be getting pressed

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