The Kaspersky Anti-virus has uninstallation issue

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Hi tech experts,

I successfully downloaded the Kaspersky Anti-virus without any issues. But the error triggered when I try to start the installation process, I came to the point to enter the activation code. But the code is not working. I am not using other application code, how to solve the error? Please help. Thanks.

Activation code is not compatible with this application. It is impossible to activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus using the activation code for another application. Please, check your product.

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The Kaspersky Anti-virus has uninstallation issue


I don’t see any problem with the installation nor with the program since you managed to reach the part to activate the application. It’s just that you are using the wrong code to activate the application. You see, serial codes or activation codes sometimes are designed for specific versions only and will not work if you have or will try on older or newer versions.

Like for example, here you are using Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Even if you are only using the same brand of antivirus for a long time, the activation code or serial code that you have for a particular version can’t be applied to activate a different version either older or newer. In your case, there is no way of fixing the issue if you stick with that serial code to activate the application.

You can fix the problem by purchasing a new serial code or activation code from the Kaspersky official website. They allow their antivirus to be downloaded for free because its functions are only limited and if users want to unlock all the features to make it work at its full capabilities, this is the part where a license code needs to be purchased to activate and register the version.

Visit Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 to purchase a new license code for the program. This is the only way you can fix the problem.

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