Java Runtime Environment Error 2753

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I can't seem to run any P2P programs. It keeps telling me to upgrade my Java Runtime Environment to latest version. But mine is Version 6 Update 26. For all I know, this is the latest version from Java. And my Windows XP keeps reminding me if there is an available updates for every software or application installed on my computer. Anyway, I go to Java's Website to check if there is a newer version, but the version I have is the latest update from them. 

So to make this work, I uninstall it first, then re-install again to ensure that all the components needed for it to work properly will be downloaded again, just in case I miss out something. But it still didn't work. I turn the computer off then uninstall again, but I was unable to do it for the second time. I get an error 2753 from Java Setup.

The content of the error is;

Internal Error 2753. Regutils. dll

It seems to me that my Java is corrupted or something. But I don't understand what it has to do with the registry. I run the Cleaner and fix everything, but it is still the same.

Can someone here help me on this?

I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Please help.


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Java Runtime Environment Error 2753


Hi friends ,

java run time error environment 2753 is very critical problem. This type of run time error can be faced for your system misconfigured otherwise it can be any missing file of your system.

Generally when your personal computer can not maintain all the task properly or some critical thing that cant handle properly then your pc need to repair correctly.

I will give you some tips to avoid this type of run time error. Please try to solve this way.

At first download "error 2753 repair tool"

And install this tool to your system.

After install the tool you need to scan your whole system and found error and repair all error that will be found to your system.


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Java Runtime Environment Error 2753


This problem has been fixed already. 

With your help and the tool you asked me to use works.

Thank you so much.

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