It is all about creating firewall graph.

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Hello experts,

It is all about creating firewall graph. I just want to ask what is creating firewall graph all about and I think you guys can give your opinions and suggestions regarding this matter. I want some additional knowledge in the information technology industry and for future preparation.

Thank you.

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It is all about creating firewall graph.


You wanted to know about creating firewall graph. You can do that. But there are many kinds of firewall interface graphs. You can use whatever you think suits you. If you want to create a Cisco 5505 Firewall Interface Graph, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open a web browser and enter the address: https://(your firewall management ip address numbers)

2. When entered, type your server User name and firewall password. Select OK. You will be prompted to login twice. Set the settings to allow pop- ups from your firewall management IP

3. Go to Device Manager application tool bar, enter the Monitoring icon.

4. On the left, expand the Interface Graphs folder.

5. In the Available Graphs list box, select the data you want to graph.

6. Click Add and in the Graph Window combo box, enter name.

7. Click Show Graphs and you'll find the graph.

For any other kinds of tasks on this matter you can go to the link for help:

Hope these helped you.


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