Issues related to RAM, Please respond to these

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I have following queries related to RAM? Could anyone please explain them?
1.] What's the difference between DDR PC 2100, DDR PC 2700, DDR PC 3200 & DDR PC 4000 RAM modules?
2.] How to determine the frequency of your RAM module if it's not written in the module. I mean how to determine if it's 266 MHz or 400 MHz?

3.] What will be the impact on performance of using two DDR RAM modules of different frequency, say 400 MHz and 266 MHz?
4.] Is 533 MHz, RAM module a DDR2 RAM module?

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Issues related to RAM, Please respond to these



Below my comments to each of your inquiries:

1. The differences are related to the maximum rate for data transference in Mbytes/second or Gbytes/second .See the info below:

Standard name Bus clock Memory clock Data rate /second Module   denominat. Max. Transfer. capacity
DDR-200 100 MHz 100 MHz 200 Millions PC-1600 1600 MB/s (1,6GB/s)
DDR-266 133 MHz 133 MHz 266 Millions PC-2100 2128 MB/s (2,1GB/s)
DDR-333 166 MHz 166 MHz 333 Millions PC-2700 2656 MB/s (2,6GB/s)
DDR-400 200 MHz 200 MHz 400 Millions PC-3200 3200 MB/s (3,2GB/s)
2. You can check it on your BIOS screen. The bios is the program of your motherboard. Most computers access to BIOS by pressing F2 key a couple of times once your computer power on. In other brands of computers, you need to press the delete key two or three times on the power on. Depending on your BIOS you can move along the menu on the screen to look for your memory information.
3. A faster RAM module can work on slower bus systems, but will adjust to that speed, this is the 400 MHz module will run at 200 MHz.
4. DDR is a configuration that depends on the motherboard socket. Here is a picture for all DDRs

          IMAGE-OF-A-DDR RAM

I hope this helps


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