Issues with brightness settings in nexus 5

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Hi everyone,

I am having Google Nexus 5 and it is working fine.

But one problem I am facing is with the auto brightness. When I am outside, it is reducing the screen brightness but during daytime when I go out I am not able to see anything if it reduce the brightness. Also, sometimes, when I switch off the lights, it is reducing the brightness. This is not correct. In fact it has to increase the brightness that time.

Is this the problem with all Nexus 5 phones or only I am facing the issue? How can I change the settings so that it corrects the brightness properly? Please kindly advise.

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Issues with brightness settings in nexus 5


This is not a problem with the Nexus5 alone. It is common with many Android devices. The problem is with your settings. To solve it, just go to Settings. After that, open the Display link. Then, in the brightness page, uncheck the 'Automatic Brightness' checkbox. Then, you can set your desired amount of light

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Issues with brightness settings in nexus 5


If you have a Nexus 5 Smartphone and you experience the sudden spikes in the auto brightness, you are not alone. You are one of the many Nexus 5 users who experienced this problem with the auto brightness feature. It seems these problems are caused by a split-second misreading of the ambient light levels by the sensor assigned to track them.

The Nexus 5 Smartphone has a light sensor that checks the lux value of its surroundings periodically. “Lux” is the SI derived unit of illuminance and luminous emittance: measuring luminous flux per unit area. That data is then sent over to Android’s auto brightness function to adjust the backlight of your screen accordingly.

For some reason, these lux readings are infrequently incorrect making auto brightness to adjust the backlight incorrectly. This problem can be fixed but you need a rooted Nexus 5. For rooted phones, go to Install Xposed Framework on Nexus 5 and follow the guide how to install Xposed Framework.

Next, from the Xposed Installer app, go to “Download” then search for without quotes “Nexus 5 Light Sensor Fix” then tap the top result. Next, tap “Download” and follow the instructions. Once installed, in Xposed Installer, go to “Modules” then check “Nexus 5 Light Sensor” to activate this module and then restart your phone. And that’s it.

The “Nexus 5 Light Sensor” module works silently in the background and doesn’t provide an interface.

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