Issue of Footer simply in the home page.

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Hello Everyone,

I am totally new in the forum like this. So I need some help so that I can do well over here. I find all is going good excluding last fix of mine that scooted the footer (.separator tag) in only the page of index up and back the tag area of content. (links to CSS ) Is there any idea of solving this type of problem?

Thank you very much.

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Issue of Footer simply in the home page.



From what I understand from you that you have a problem with linking the ".separator" tag to your footer tag.

Now, in order for you to link a CSS tag to an HTML tag you need to use either by "ID" or by "Class"
no if you are planning to link it using "ID" the CSS tag will be like :

#separator{/* any CSS script */}

Or you can use it via "Class"

.separator{/* any CSS script */}

For the HTML tag you'll need link the footer tag with either one of them, for example if your footer tag was "div" you write the following:

<div class="separator" ></div> or <div id="separator" ></div>

But remember that if you used id then you can link it to only one tag.


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