IPhone 4 issue: Message Box is Full

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I had the iPhone since the original 2G version with the black and silver cover. I upgraded it to iPhone G, then to iPhone 4. Now I have downloaded iOS 5 and I keep receiving an error stating that my message box is full.  I never had this problem before, nonetheless I listened and deleted some of my text messages from year 2008-2011. And then I leave my messages from the past few months. But then again I still got this message. I had my mailbox emptied and I am still receiving this message. Can someone please give me any suggestions on what should I do?

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IPhone 4 issue: Message Box is Full


Hallo Bart,

It is either you have some hidden files still residing on your phone hence taking a lot of space or it could be that your phone has been attacked by a virus which replicates and hides itself in the files and thus takes up a lot of space on the phone.

The solution will be to backup your important data from the file to as external drive like a flash drive or a hard disk drive, then flash out all the contents of the phone so as to remove the hidden files or a virus that may be filling up space on your computer, then reinstall the operating system software that the phone uses. You can be helped by computer dealers or phone dealers near you to go about this process.


Lee Hung

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