Got this error when updating iPhone IOS via iTunes

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I was updating a friend’s iPhone to latest version of IOS via iTunes when I got this error message below.

I searched the internet and learned about using the DFU mode. 

Will this really resolve the issue? 

Do I have to reinstall iTunes on my Mac? 

Any help will be much appreciated.

The iPhone “Steven Kovach’s iPhone” could not be

Restored. An internal error occurred.


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Got this error when updating iPhone IOS via iTunes


I think when you tried upgrading your iPhone, the process encountered an error and aborted the installation. And when you tried restoring your phone, as what the image says, an internal error occurred. The attempted upgrade somehow made an impact on the system crashing it. Try turning off the phone and then remove the battery at the back. Keep it that way for a couple of minutes to discharge the phone from the battery’s supply. Return the battery to the phone and then try turning it on again and see what happens. Try restoring your phone this time.

If you still receive the previous internal error, try performing a hard reset on the phone.

Simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of the phone and the Home button or the big circle just below the screen.

Just continue holding the buttons until the phone turns off and begins to open again.


You may now remove your fingers from pressing the buttons when the Apple logo appears.


Your phone may start very slowly. This is normal after doing a hard reset.

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