Internet connectivity issues, Am Confused?

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There is this thing that has somehow emerged from my computer internet connection it is called WAN Miniport (SSTP) I have no idea what it is.

I tried to remove it by uninstalling it but its still there even after disabling it I still see it on my network adapters’ list, or could this having been by some activities that I did lately, I created another internet connection account for my fiancé so that she can use my computer.

The computer has a USB net gear wireless adapter that facilitates the connection, and she says that at times the connection cannot load or it takes time to connect to internet. I checked the settings of the USB Net Gear adapter and they device seems to be working properly.  What could be the problem? How do I remove that WAN Miniport from my computer?   

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Internet connectivity issues, Am Confused?


WAN stands for Wide Area Network and is a geographically dispersed telecommunications network. In other words, these are telecommunications infrastructures that are placed or constructed in different areas or maybe regions.

If your computer has this device on it then you can connect to this kind of network if it is available in your area. This kind of network is sometimes owned privately and sometimes being rented. If you are interested to know more information about WAN or Wide Area Network, you may visit TechTarget — SearchEnterpriseWAN.

If your computer has this WAN miniport device installed on it, it adds additional connectivity to your machine and doesn’t affect your internet connection [since you are having problems with your internet connection].

Since you are also like me that uses a USB dongle modem I think you need to check if your stick receives a good signal on your computer’s present location. The speed of the connection with this kind of modem relies on the signal strength it receives.

And this kind of device is heavily affected if you are connecting to the internet during peak hours where the connection’s speed is usually poor. You should also set your USB modem to use 3G only or 4G only to improve the connection’s speed instead of selecting 3G preferred or 4G preferred.

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