Install4j error occurred when generating exe from jar file.

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Hello friends, I got this error whenever I try to run the java class file. Is this is common error? Thinking this might be the java version problem? I was using old java compiler so I tried updating with higher version but still the error is not going off. Please help me resolve the issue.

An error occurred:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file

Error log: /private/var/folders/uC/uC2zT7wvERu6+Ks8omTgm++++TI/-Tmp-/install4jError1579327149539064825.log

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Install4j error occurred when generating exe from jar file.


The error was probably caused by the compiler. The versions of your JDK used to compile and your JDK used to run the script should be the same. If they are not he same, it throws the message "UnSupportedClassVersionError". For example if you compile your java source file in JDK 1.5 and will try to run it in JDK 1.4, this will be achieved or caught by the error handler.

To solve this:

1. Try to locate the class or jar file that caused this error.

2. Try to compile the source code, if available, using the JDK version that you currently have.

3. If it don't have a source code, try to find the compatible version of that library.

4. Increase the JRE Version you currently have installed.

This may help you fix the problem.

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