Install VMWare Workstation running on a Windows 7.

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I am trying to install VMWare Workstation on a host running on a Windows 7, when I encountered this error:

Does anybody know why I got this error?

Are there any workarounds so I can finally install it?

I would appreciate if someone can help me here. 

VirtualBox – Error

Failed to open the hard disk
Cannot register the hard disk
/media/sdal/giannis/sonicstage.vdi' with UUID
{900334af-3cfe-4052-8976-7303b5898465}because a hard disk '/media/sdal/giannis/winxp.vdi' with UUID
{900334af-3cfe-4052-8976-7303b5898465}already exists in the media registry
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Install VMWare Workstation running on a Windows 7.


Hi Amanda Wissler,

VMWare keeps a unique id for all the hard disks it maintains.

I thinks you already have a hard disk with the same UUID in your computer.

To solve this problem you just have to regenerate the unique id.

To do this just follow the steps,

  1. Open 'Command Prompt' window
  2. Go to the directory where the VirtualBox is installed
  3. Then type as " VBOXMANAGE.EXE internalcommands sethduuid <Path of the hard disk> " (in your case "/media/sda1/glannis/sonicstage.vdi)
  4. Press Enter & that's it.

You should be getting a window similar to this one :

Hope this solves your problem šŸ™‚

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Install VMWare Workstation running on a Windows 7.


Iā€™m sorry but that is not Windows 7, it is Linux and that is VirtualBox you got there and not VMware. VMware and VirtualBox are two different virtual machine software. Anyway, if you want to use VirtualBox to create a virtual machine on Linux, try updating to the latest.

That error probably happen because you tried to create a new virtual hard drive or register an existing virtual hard drive but a virtual drive is already in use. Try deleting the virtual machine and the included virtual drive then create a new one. Then when prompted to create a virtual hard drive, select the existing virtual drive to register it with the virtual machine.

Download the latest version of VirtualBox for Linux. Go to the Oracle VirtualBox download page and download the latest version for Linux hosts.

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