VMWare pop-up error when starting

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I am new in using virtual machine.  I just recently installed VMware version 7.1.0 build-261024 on my computer running Windows 7.  I downloaded and try installing Ubuntu 11.4 from its web site.  Tried installing Ubuntu using the recommended settings, it was installed without a problem. I can sign on but I always received the message that “cannot connect to virtual floppy because no corresponding device is available on the host.  Do you want to connect to the virtual device everytime you power the virtual machine?”  I do not know what it means so I just click on the x to close it.  I can use Ubuntu after that but the same message always pops-up whenever I use VMware.  Any ideas on what to do?    — Martha

Cannot connect virtual floppy0 because no corresponding device is available on the host.

Do you want to try to connect this virtual device every time you power on the virtual machine?

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VMWare pop-up error when starting


Hi Martha.

That error appears because you set up your virtual machine to have a virtual floppy disk drive.

A virtual floppy drive can connect to:

1.  the actual physical floppy drive on the host machine
2.  to a floppy image file (IMG) on your hard drive
3.  to a blank floppy image file (IMG) on your hard drive.
By default, the virtual floppy drive is not connected when your virtual machine powers on.
Assuming that your virtual floppy was set to auto connect at power up, the problem could be either of the following:
1.  The virtual machine was setup to connect to the physical floppy drive but the physical floppy drive has since been removed.
2.  The virtual floppy was set to connect to a floppy image on the hard drive but that floppy image has since been removed.
In any case, just answer "No" to the error window for VMWare to disable auto connect for the virtual floppy and avoid the above error message from popping up again.
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VMWare pop-up error when starting


Yes, that message will always appear because you did not click Yes on the dialog box to confirm the task. This is not an error on the part of the virtual machine but just a reminder to keep you aware of what you need to do every time you start the virtual machine.

Also, the message about the floppy disk depends on the host computer or the actual operating system running on your computer. That message saying that it cannot connect to the virtual floppy0 appears maybe because virtual machine is defaulted to a virtual floppy drive which may not be available on your computer. If your computer has a physical floppy drive on the CPU then this error will not appear.

It also means that a virtual floppy drive is automatically added to the virtual machine maybe even before installing the guest operating system which is Ubuntu. To remove the error on the virtual floppy drive, you need to remove it from the virtual machine. It can be removed from the virtual machine hardware configuration.

On the Inventory panel, choose the virtual machine. Shut down Ubuntu or the guest operating system and then power off the virtual machine. Select Summary tab. Under Hardware section, click on the floppy drive and then click Remove. Click Yes to confirm the removal and the floppy drive is then removed from the virtual machine hardware configuration.

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