Install Auto desk map viewer through Mozilla

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Our local Government has a GIS site that requires Auto Desk Map viewer.

I use Mozilla as my internet browser. But Mozilla has never been able to download and run the Map Viewer.

Is there a version of software that could run on Mozilla?

I would be very glad if someone solves that for me.

Thank you.

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Install Auto desk map viewer through Mozilla



Autodesk is no longer supporting MapGuide 6.5 and its viewers.
The viewer works with Win2000, Win XP, Vista and Win7, including the 32 & 64 bit versions of Win7 operating systems.

The viewer file is only for the Internet Explorer browser, versions IE6 – 8 except for IE8-64bit.
MapPlace does not work with IE8-64 bit browser. You must use the 32 bit version.

But you can try Autodesk MapGuide plugin for Netscape and Firefox which is available here.

Thanking you
Franke Mary

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Install Auto desk map viewer through Mozilla


You will have to check the following problems most likely

  • Your computer  must have administrator rights
  • Newer browsers; Firefox, safari, chrome or any other newer ones are not supported but can work if you have the Java Edition MapGuide Viewer or the plugin MapGuide Viewer intended for Netscape 4. X installed.
  • If your web browser's security is set too high or you have an anti-virus or add-in tools, they may block pop-ups resulting in error reports.
  • Internet Explorer add-ins or toolbars such as the Google Toolbar may interfere with the MapGuide Viewer.
  • Your Internet Explorer security settings may be set too high.
  • Your organization's network may have a firewall or proxy server that blocks access to our MapGuide server.

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